A new, simpler way of teaching business around the world.


A big problem.

Many people around the world turn to entrepreneurship for their livelihood. Yet without basic training, many of those businesses fail, leaving people deeper in poverty than when they started.

Our goal.

We want to make basic business training that's practical, easy-to-understand, and more accessible.

A simple solution.

Venture U is a business education toolkit for organizations in developing countries. The toolkit includes materials for sending people our simple business book, holding a workshop, or creating a digital learning center in your computer lab.

All of the content uses simple language and culturally-relevant examples. It's perfect for schools, startup accelerators, or even nonprofits.

The vision.

Many people are already trying to rise out of poverty by starting a sustainable business. But the lack of training makes it so much harder to succeed.

What if every local school, accelerator, and nonprofit made basic business training available to their communities? How many people could rise out of poverty by generating their own income?

Together, we can make this a reality.

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A book for learning the basics in self-study or a workshop.

Empower people to provide for themselves.

Many people around the world turn to entrepreneurship for their livelihood, and you may have people in your community who do the same. Unfortunately, so many of those businesses fail, leaving people without the income they worked so hard for.

As a nonprofit, you can be their solution. You can turn things around for the entrepreneurs in your community. You can provide needed business education and spark lasting change.

With the Venture U Toolkit, your organization can start providing basic business education to the entrepreneurs around you. The toolkit will help you hold a workshop and connect them to mentors.

The best part is that you don't need any previous business training to give them the training they need. We provide the content so that you don't have to. Your organizations simply facilitates the training, using culturally relevant language and examples.

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Empower nonprofits to empower others.

Many organizations around the world are already changing lives and impacting communities with their current activities. However, Venture U provides the opportunity for them to have a sustainable, long-lasting impact through entrepreneurship education.

Sponsor a Venture U Toolkit for a nonprofit organization that's already dedicated to meaningful impact. The toolkit will enable them to teach their community "how to fish", giving them a sustainable

When you choose to sponsor a toolkit, you're name will be placed on the toolkit and you'll receive a certificate of sponsorship. The toolkit will go to a nonprofit in Uganda or Nigeria, or a nonprofit of your choosing.

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