Starting a business can be hard - that's why most businesses fail. However, learning basic entrepreneurship and business skills can help your business succeed. Whether you are thinking about your big business idea or you are already running your own small enterprise, you can learn the basics here!

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The Guide

This guide will walk you through the basics of entrepreneurship in a clear and simple way! We don’t use big confusing words or complicated concepts. It’s just the essentials. Each section has multiple chapters, but don’t worry, the chapters are short and easy to understand!

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1. Introduction

Starting a business is super exciting! Entrepreneurship is also necessary for our economy. This section explores why.


2. Qualities

Entrepreneurs have a hard job, so they will need certain character traits that will help them succeed. This section explores three big ones.


3. Ideas

Every business starts with an idea, however, not all ideas will succeed. Some are good and some are bad. This section talks about how to tell the difference.


4. Plan

Many businesses fail because they don’t plan for the obsticles ahead. This section walks you through the basic parts of a super simple business plan.


5. Launch

Once you have a simple plan, it’s time to start setting up your business! This section has some great tips for getting started.


6. Conclusion

Even though entrepreneurship can be tough, it has incredible rewards. This section gives some encouragement for the journey ahead.


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