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About Venture U

We partner with schools in developing communities to give students the training, resources, and connections needed to start and sustain their own businesses.

The Problem:

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of thriving economies and societies. However, recent statistics show that 70-80% of businesses worldwide fail within their first several years. Statistics also show that the primary reason for this high rate of failure is not due to a lack of skill or resources, but rather to a lack of business knowledge. Many entrepreneurs start businesses without knowing marketing techniques, legal implications, basic accounting concepts, and a host of other crucial business requirements.

Developing countries possess a higher rate of business failure than developed countries. Students in these communities graduate from school with training that sets them up to be job-seekers rather than job-makers. There is a significant lack of business training in the worldwide educational system, and as a result, economies are suffering and people are unable provide for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Our Solution:

Venture U provides students in developing communities with training, resources, and connections through an innovative and interactive web platform. Venture U leverages existing content on the web from the world’s experts by organizing videos, courses, tutorials, articles, case studies, and much more into a curriculum that helps students provide for themselves by teaching them sustainable entrepreneurship. Venture U also connects students to a local and global network of business experts, advisors, investors, and service providers who will be able to directly invest in these students in a culturally-relevant way.

We bring new training to schools, while complementing their established curriculum. Through our independent-study program, students are equipped and empowered to engage markets with sustainable business models and mindsets. These students shape the economy’s future and we give them the business training needed to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our Method:

Reducing Poverty in Developing Communities by Empowering Students with:


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The Facts

“Youth (ages 15 – 24) cannot get jobs to pay for school
or get employment after graduating…”

Sub-Saharan Africa:



“But the number of available jobs for young people is only part of the problem. While improving, educational systems are still failing to provide a large proportion of youth with the skills they need to secure a living. Without the ability to attain basic skills or the specific ones that match the demands of the labor market, many youth are unable to find employment.”

~Population Reference Bureau

“The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2004 indicated that over one in every three adult Ugandans is engaged in some form of entrepreneurial activity, resulting in Uganda being ranked the second most entrepreneurial country in the world. However, the study also showed that the rate of failure of businesses in Uganda was also one of the highest in the world, citing that for every business that was started, another closed.”

~New Vision (Uganda’s Leading Daily News Source)

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

~Nelson Mandela

Meet the Team

This is our dedicated team that works diligently to ensure the success of students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

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Travis Mitchell

Founder, Team Leader & Product Manager
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Mark Schellhase

Technical Manager
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Rachel Keeler

Administrative Manager
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Amanda Hishmeh

Marketing & Network Manager

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