Educating entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Read about what it takes to start a business. Learn about good business practice and what goes into a simple business plan.

Includes: Book

Learn the basic business skills needed to start a business and use the workbook to create a simple business plan for your idea.

Includes: Book and Workbook


Discover what it takes to start a technical or web-based business. Learn about the free tools that you can use to get started.

Includes: Book, Workbook, and Toolkit

Start a Venture U Club at your secondary school. Students will learn business skills and can start a business together for the school.

Includes: Book, Slides, Workbook, and Teacher Guide



Venture U | Book
  • Book (PDF)
  • Book (EPUB)
Venture U | Toolkit
  • Book (PDF)
  • Book (EPUB)
  • Business Plan Workbook
  • Tech Toolkit
Venture U | Club
  • Book (PDF)
  • Book (EPUB)
  • Business Plan Workbook
  • Presentation Slides
  • Teacher Guide






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